Design Scheme Assignment

Press one of the buttons, then the design of the page will change: it will go through all the colors of the rainbow and more!

Valentine Red Theme w/ Times New Roman Font

Harvest Orange Theme w/ Arial Font

Sunny Yellow Theme w/ Arial Black Font

Treetop Green Theme w/ Arial Narrow Font

Sky Blue Theme w/ Lucida Console Font

Periwinkle Theme w/ Lucida Handwriting

Ocean Cyan Theme w/ Courier New

Berry Magenta Theme w/ Consolas Font

Grapetastic Purple Theme w/ Garmond Font

Rosy Pink Theme w/ Papyrus Font

What I Have Learned So Far

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What JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else. (Okay, not everything, but it is amazing what you can achieve with a few lines of JavaScript code.)


What is HTML?

HTML is the markup language that we use to structure and give meaning to our web content, for example defining paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or embedding images and videos in the page.


What is CSS?

CSS is a language of style rules that we use to apply styling to our HTML content, for example setting background colors and fonts, and laying out our content in multiple columns.